Girl with a Black Raven (self-portrait), oil on panel, 2015





When looking at the world around me, I see people trying to always be somewhere to impress someone else. The appearance of any vulnerability becomes an undesirable event. It occurs to me we never seem to have a time to rest and reflect on ourselves—who we are, what we want, and whom we truly want to be with.


As people, we lock away our individualistic selves within asylums—safe havens in the mind where we allow ourselves to go insane while feeling protected. Yet, these ‘safe’ havens can also become a prison. Precious memories of childhood delights, nightmares of lost chances at love, and other hidden memories mix themselves together to create a toxic blend. It ignites an inner insanity just waiting to detonate.


My artwork reflects on these small pockets of our mind we keep locked up tight. It explores this inner conflict of the self, having the viewer contemplate a memory—whether blissful or heartbreaking. I hope, through my work, to have the viewer consider the barriers they have built as a security, letting them collapse and face their vulnerabilities and true selves head on.