Rachel Carlson grew up in Deep River, CT—a small town along the Connecticut River. In 2010, she began studying art at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and graduated in 2014 with a BFA in Studio Art with a discipline in painting. While in school, Rachel spent six weeks with seventeen other students studying abroad in France. Of which, four were spent at an art residency at the Chateau de La Napoule, located in southern France. It was here where Rachel began to seriously focus her ideas and develop her technique.


Much of her work mainly draws inspiration from life experiences and self-exploration. Her work focuses on igniting emotions one many not wish to project in their outward appearance. To develop these ideas further, Rachel also uses various other art forms such as music, theatre, dance, and literature for added inspiration. Her painting style draws influence from the works of Sargent, Vermeer, and Andres Wyeth as well as contemporaries, Michael Borremans and Dina Brodsky.


Since graduating, Rachel moved back to Deep River and went on to become the gallery director for four years at the Maple and Main Gallery in Chester, CT until June 2018. She continues to produce work and has been included in various exhibitions throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.